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  • Do you do NSFW work and any type of character(furry, robot,etc)?
    Yes, but we don't display it in the portfolio and it has to be requested as an extra feature by the customer.
  • Do you sell finished made avatars?
    Yes, we are planning to sell avatars for public use, we just don't have a specific date for releases so we encourage you to join our discord server to receive the updates.
  • Will my avatar or world work on PC and Quest?
    Yes, we can make it work on both platforms, it's important that you mention us this. We have 2 options, first one its 2 different versions (PC version can have higher quality and another quest compatible) or 1 version only that looks the same on both platforms (limited by quest restrictions in Polycount, materials, add Ons, etc.).
  • Do you work on add ons for characters, worlds, props or clothing?
    Yes, but we will need to check the files and job details to determine the complexity of the work and send you a quote.
  • What are commercial rights and how can I get them?
    Commercial rights are things such as selling the character or world to friends or other people to make money with it, sell the model in online 3d model websites or use online campaigns to obtain money for it, sell it for 3d printing or to create merchandise in real life to sell to people, etc. Using it on your social media to stream stuff or create videos regardless you monetise it or not it's allowed. We just ask for to give us credit for your social media. If you need commercial rights, you need to include it in your quote request.
  • Will my avatar work with Full body tracking?
    Yes, you just need to request it.
  • If I am having trouble uploading the avatar, can you help me?
    Of course, we provide a tutorial and if still have trouble we can schedule a screen sharing call in our discord server to help you.
  • What type of work do you do?
    We can create characters, worlds, props, clothing items from scratch for platforms such as VR Chat, V-tubing, Chillout VR and game engine usage(Unity, Unreal), etc. We can edit, fix and add extra features to already finished projects too.
  • Do you make characters for V-tubing?
    Yes, we provide a file format compatible with V-see face or VRM if needed. You can also request a VR chat avatar to also have the extra feature for V-tubing.
  • What happens if you have started working on my order and I decide to request a refund?
    No refunds once the project has been started. You can cancel the order but no files will be delivered. If you are unable to continue paying, check the other related question .
  • What happens if I join the queue and decide to request a refund?
    As long as we have NOT started working on your order, we can provide a full refund (minus fees deducted) or find a payment plan solution that can accommodate to your needs.
  • What happens if you are working on my order and I can’t continue paying for it?
    We understand customers can go through economic hardships so customer needs to let us know within 3 days notice so we pause it and we will keep your files up to six months. To resume work, the entire payment will have to be completed and you will have to join the queue again if there is one. Failure to notify us in the 3 days notice will incur an extra cost of 25% of the total project when a customer decides to resume the order. If customers can't pay within the 6 months of the notification, the order will be considered cancelled and NO refunds and no files will be provided.
  • What payment options do you offer?
    We work with a 50% down payment and 50% once the job has been finished or full payment up front. Also, we have split payment plans for special cases that customer needs to request. We accept PayPal and Zelle(US customers only, no extra fees) as payment methods. International fees will apply using PayPal as payment method.
  • Are there refunds on delivered items?
    No refunds once we sent the link to download the files.
  • How much does it cost to make an avatar, world, prop or clothing?
    Price depends on the complexity of the work and takes weeks to do if its from scratch. Therefore we ask if you can fill out a form with your needs so we can send you a quote.
  • What happens if in the future I want to add things to my character or world?
    We try to keep your files up to six months and it's your responsibility to have a back up copy in case we need them. If you decide to add something we quote only the extra work. You are also free to continue customizing it with another person.
  • What happens if I lose the files you provided and less than three months have passed?
    It is the customer's responsibility to keep a back up copy. We guarantee that they will be online for up to 3 months. After that, you can contact us to check if we still have the files. As a courtesy we try to keep the files for a longer time if we have enough online storage space, but we are not obligated to do so. If for any reason we don't have them, we will notify you and we are NOT responsible for the loss. NO refunds. If you want we can redo the project, but you will have to pay full price for it.
  • Can you provide me the source files?
    Yes, but that incurs an extra cost.
  • How many revisions do I get and what happens if I add extra things not agreed?
    Small changes that take less than 2 hours to fix or adjust you have up to three revisions, but big changes that take more than 2 hours might incur an extra charge depending on the situation and will be discussed. Extra features not discussed in the original agreement can be added for extra cost.
  • What happens if I lose the files you provided and more than three months have passed?
    We will see if we still have the files but we can't guarantee it. It is customer's responsibility to keep a backup copy and if you want we can redo the project, but you will have to pay full price for it. We reserve the right to accept the new request.
  • What happens if I find errors or weird things on my avatar, prop or clothing and it’s not working properly?
    Once we sent you the project, you have up to 7 days to test it and verify everything works ok. If its has errors on our side or missing things that were part of the order we will work on them FREE of charge.
  • What do you provide me when my order has been completed?
    A unity package that has the project ready to be uploaded so it's quick and easy to do will be sent by e-mail through a limited time Google Drive link. We can guide the customer how to upload it if requested. If no unity work is needed, an fbx file and/or PNG files textures are provided. Customer is responsible for keeping a backup copy of the files.
  • Can I sell my character or world to others?
    No, you can only use it for personal use, no sharing allowed. If you want to sell it you need to acquire commercial rights with us.
  • Can I edit the character or world once I paid for it?
    You need to contact us to ask for an authorization to modify or add things or features to the work done by someone else. As long as you don’t sell it to others and only use it for your personal matters. Once authorized, the person in charge of working in the modifications must credit our work and not take full credit of the work.
  • In which other platforms I can use my avatar, world, prop or clothing?
    The project is delivered as a unity package that includes 3D model fbx file compatible with many 3d software like Blender, Maya, Unreal Engine, V-tubing, etc. As long as it's not used for commercial use (make money with it) you can port it to other software. Selling the assets is prohibited unless commercial rights have been acquired.
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